About Our Law Firm

As the founder of the Leo Siregar Sani Putra Siregar Law Office in 2009, the establishment of the law office, with the aim of the office being able to serve the community well and with the aspiration of being an office that went public. With a background of experience in handling cases in various ways, our commitment in the field of law in particular Property, Labor Law, Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Land, banking, Legal Drafting and Legal Opinion.

Since then, the Leo Siregar Law Office has become a legal office that has a wide and dynamic network.

This Law Office is one of the law offices that provides legal services to clients in total and professionally where the operation is handled directly by Leo Siregar Sani Putra Siregar, SH.

In providing legal services to clients, trying to provide the best service, not wanting to settle matters – legal cases in litigation cases that take a long time, it is done by means of mediation with opponents and many have proven their resolution. In handling Non-litigation cases, Leo Siregar’s Law Office will provide the right legal opinion / advice based on the law and the Legislation.